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Our Holistic Pillars

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Through the provision of financial assistance for underprivileged students (Loan schemes, bursaries) and a support system to ensure academic excellence ( career guidance, academic support, study groups etc.). Graduates who master their field of application


Catering for the memberships spiritual needs to ensure deep understanding of Christianity, by partaking in the following activities, revivals, choir practices, evangelism, cells, bible studies and church services . God loving and God fearing citizens and good citizens of the Republic.

Health & Awareness

Provision of health related information to the membership. Promote healthy living and lifestyles for the membership and ensure adequate information is at the disposal of the members to have awareness about HIV and aids, dreadful diseases, teenage pregnancy , drug abuse etc. A healthy and active generation free from diseases.


Provision of services for the membership to ensure members are financially sound, job creation, entrepreneurship, financial education and mentoring. The organisation assisting the membership to attain employment Financially healthy members who contribute to the economic growth of the country.


To encourage Ubuntu/ the spirit of fellowship and sharing with the members. To encourage the members to uphold community and humanitarian values that will breed harmony , peace and unity in the country. This can be achieved by activities that insist on teamwork, understanding of other beliefs, customs, cultures etc. Promotion of partnerships with interfaith forums to promote social education for moral regeneration, religious tolerance, social cohesion and development. Socially active members who uphold community values and TASA as a good community organization.


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National Conference

Our National AGM & Conference.



  • 29 Mar - 31 Mar
  • University Of Mpumalanga - UMP

We are not thaaaat serious,
and up tight.

We balance our experience in the institutes of higher learning with fun games and activities that helps with our socila pillar and easing the stress of studying.

We do our best to give back to the communities through TASA in High Schools and Community outreach programs.

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